General Announcements


After buying a ticket for this convention the following events are included: Guest Interviews & Panels over Saturday and Sunday of the event, an autograph from each standard guest, access to the vendor’s room and discos.
For an extra charge, you can also enjoy, a Professional Photo Studio with our guests. The Lounge, one guest and a small number of attendees together for 30-45 minutes. Tickets for these events will either be by auction or from the Ticket Office. Extra Autograph passes are also available to buy as well as exclusive limited edition black and white 10 x 8′s of our guests.
Themed discos: The theme of our discos will be announced soon. Entry to the discos are FREE to all attendees as long as you wear your event wristband.
Don’t forget to book your Hotel Bedrooms, the more hotel rooms that are sold to attendees the better our relationship is with the hotel, so if you are planning on staying why not stay in the event hotel, it may cost a little bit more but you will benefit from all the activities such as the evening parties.

Icons made by Freepik, and Daniel Bruce from is licensed by CC BY 3.0

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